Charter Cable

Charter Cable

Charter Cable Modem: How It Works?

For millions of people television brings information, entertainment and learning programs into their homes. A lot of individuals acquire their TV signal from cable television for the reason that cable TV provides a clearer picture and more channels. The television has been a standard and common home entertainment that people could not do without. We get the latest news and watch our favorite channel with the expectation of getting the best quality picture and audio from our viewing. Moreover, with the latest Internet technology, people are looking forward for more breakthroughs in cable television viewing.


Charter cable modem offers the outlook of high-speed and reasonably priced Internet access by controlling existing broadband cable TV networks. The equipment is more appropriate to homes than commercial users since it is located on areas that are more likely to be wired for cable.


Cable modems are devices that attach a cable connection to a computer that functions in delivering high-speed Internet access service. Information from the Internet passes all the way through the cable wire, gets altered by a cable modem, and then moves on to a computer. To understand more, a cable connection is fabricated with a coaxial cable or commonly called as a coax cable that has the capability to transfer a huge quantity of data. Thus, it can be utilized to transfer not only cable television but Internet data as well. The function of the cable modem is to differentiate between the cable signal and the Internet signal. It then takes the Internet signal and transforms it to a digital signal. A computer only understands digital signals.


The charter cable modem functions to alter and demodulate the cable signal into a flow of data and the correspondence with analogue modems ends there. Cable modems also include a tuner to divide the data signal from the rest of the broadcast stream. Using network adapters, bridges, and routers, a lot of people who have cable TV can now get a high-speed connection to the Internet from their cable provider.


Charter cable modems compete with technologies like asymmetrical digital subscriber lines also known as ADSL. It shows a discrepancy in expenditure, in view of the fact that there isn't a universal standard for them. You have to get a charter cable modem that works with your particular provider. There are a lot of companies who are producing or have announced cable modem products that match the ones you use.

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Posted 2028 days ago
Speed tests from online services are most helpful especially if you are one of those using the internet for a living. Speed tests helps detect if your connection is reliable or not in terms of speed.
Posted 2034 days ago
We have a Linksys router at home and I never placed authentication to it. After reading one of your articles, I realized I was inviting possible dangers so I placed a password on it now, for security.
Posted 2042 days ago
My children were arguing on what type of internet connection should we use at home and the debate seems endless until we found your site. It was helpful. Thank you so much.
Posted 2049 days ago
The site is reliable, filled with information that anyone can use to understand cable modems, routers, and internet. Although it lacks photos for reference, it's still a great site for me.
Posted 2057 days ago
I'm not a technical person but surely your explanation on cables and how internet flows through cables helped. Though there are terms that I hardly know like coaxial cable. You may want to explain that further.
Posted 2063 days ago
This is one very helpful site. It is filled with useful information on cable modems and high speed internet connection that really helped me a lot in my decision in considering to have one.
Posted 2071 days ago
You've got great articles. Very informational, although you may want to consider adding some pictures on cable modems to give us a better idea of what it looked like. I am interested with this article.

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